Whilst we like to do what we can to promote sustainable travel choices, we know that for some people and some trips, the only viable option is to travel by car.

Whilst there are times when it’s easy enough to walk, cycle or hop on the bus, for some people and some trips, the only realistic option is to travel by car. That’s not to say you can’t still save money and do you bit for the environment.

Join the FREE West Yorkshire car share scheme and you’ll be surprised how many people are making similar journeys to you! It’s really flexible – share every day or just infrequently, choose to drive, be a passenger or take it in turns.

You can also make your car journeys more efficient, whether by changing your car, your driving style, or by choosing the best route. Further information is provided below and to the right.

  • Car Share:

    Drive into work alone? Think about it… if you shared the ride with just one other person you could half the costs of your petrol and parking.

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  • Drive Smarter:

    Sometimes there’s just no alternative to the car….but there are ways to reduce the amount of money you spend driving …and you’ll be reducing your environmental impact too!!

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  • Use a Car Club:

    Car Clubs provide you with access to a car when you need one, without the need to own your own. Hire cars by the hour, with low rental costs.

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Useful links:

  • Google Route Planner

    Google provides a really useful online route planner that lets you plan your journey by car. Not only does it provide route options, but it also tells you likely journey times taking into account current traffic conditions. Click here to plan your journey now.
  • Traffic News

    Local traffic news is available from the AA Traffic News.

    Traffic news from major routes provided by Traffic England.
  • Petrol Prices

    Find out current petrol prices from across the region, and find the cheapest:

    Click here